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Entry #9

New Song and another one comin!

2008-03-25 21:33:48 by gaarademon7

ok so all of the other ones were just practices. go check it out its called BLAQ Dragon. Now, anyway ive got another song ive been working on coming in shortly and ist will be a DnB song. Until next Time, my friend(s)!

Conceive and Belive.

Light Yagame is Kira! DEATH NOTE will PREVAIL!

New Song and another one comin!


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2008-03-25 21:52:06

Im not sure if u seen all of Death note and i hope i didnt ruin this for u but light doesnt really sry if i just ruined this for u :( and if u dont no L's real name is L Lawlette or somin like that cuz u never find out in the show

gaarademon7 responds:

Ya i know ive seen every single death note episode in the series and the part i hate about it is that L dies :(


2008-03-25 21:52:36

oh ya Blaq Dragon is sweet love it man nice

gaarademon7 responds: